Monday, July 23, 2012

UCSB studies Hydrogen as an alternative fuel

As many of you may know, hydrogen is one of the most abundant resource on the planet. If, one day, we could only use hydrogen as a clean energy technology, it would be an amazing step towards a greener and safer planet.

Recently, the University of California - Santa Barbara has been studying hydrogen as an alternative fuel and their studies have shown that there is a Fine Line for Hydrogen Release from Storage Materials.

However, one of the major challenge with hydrogen is to meet the goals of high storage density as well as efficient kinetics when it is needed.

"Aluminum hydride turns out to be promising because the binding energy for hydrogen is low, so that the release rate can be fast," explained Chris Van de Walle, a professor in the Materials Department and head of the Computational Materials group at UCSB. "At the same time, kinetic barriers are high enough to prevent the hydrogen release rate from being too fast."

It certainly is exciting news for the environmental world and I sincerely hope that they will push their study further.


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